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Zombocalypse Now!

Written on November 20, 2008 by

I don’t play many videogames anymore.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy games, quite the contrary; games are a great source of joy for me. Lately, there just haven’t been any games that catch my attention. Sure there have been great FPS’s, Strategies, and Adventures that have rocked the industry recently, but none have even created a wake with me.

“Casual” games have certainly kept my interest, with everything from Mario Kart Wii to Rock Band 2. The key element to these is of course the social interaction. I don’t have the time to sit alone completing Final Fantasy VII:3 (or whatever reincarnation of it they’re on), but I’m all for hanging with friends and enjoying in a great game together. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of getting “Blue Shelled” by your (ex-)friend on the last lap right at the finish line (and the subsequent controller throwing) or finally beating Green Grass and High Tides with a little help from your band.

So when a game comes out that allows you to have that sort of fun with friends, sign me up! Throw in zombies, and wow.

Is there a game that dares to be so awesome? Yes, Left 4 Dead dares to be awesome.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead has consumed the past two days of my life, much like the zombies wish to consume me. The basic premise is just surviving the impending zombocalypse with your friend(s).

This is such the perfect idea for a game! Why hasn’t this been done before? There’s 4 player co-op, thousands of zombies, and four scenarios (or “movies”) of zombie attacks. The co-op aspect is just awesome. What’s better than working with your buddies to stop the hordes of zombies from eating you?

Nothing. Nothing is better.

This post has ended up sounding like some terrible IGN review, and unfortunately I’m not even getting paid by the gaming companies (hey-o). Sorry if it seems like a review, but I just wanted to share that bit of joy with all of you. If you’re still not sold on the game, just watch this gameplay clip.


Ringl replied on November 21, 2008 at 8:53 am

I’m right on board with Left 4 Dead being an incredible amount of fun. But it’s got a different dynamic than other games I’ve played.

In the Halo series of games there were several areas that I would go to and know exactly what enemies were there and how many. In L4D that’s not the case.

It uses an artificial intelligence it calls the “Director” that places zombies in different locations every time you play based on how well you’re doing. So when we lose a level and start over everything’s different! And the fact that at any moment you could have zombies coming from somewhere new adds a new level of fear and a truckload of fun.

And when are you going to forgive me for throwing that Mario Kart controller?


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