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Great gig in the sky

Written on April 25, 2009 by

Worth seeing:

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Don't look at me!

Written on March 17, 2009 by

Look, Shaw, you’re not getting word one out of me until I see this video extolling the virtues of Harry Potter.

I’m stinkin’ excited!



Flash mobs

Written on January 29, 2009 by

Yesterday my cohort sent me a link that led me to this google maps streetview scene.

These sort of shenanigans are the sort of thing that I love to see and read about. There’s just something about the subtle, “most-people-won’t-get-this” humor that I don’t really love because of how funny it is, but because of how people react to it.

Which leads me to a subject that I only know about secondhand, flash mobs (it’s not what you think). A flash mob is a group of people who have determined to do a certain thing together at a certain time when it is altogether unexpected for the everyday joe. It is worth looking around for these stories. Some flash mobs have seen greater than 4,000 people participate for no other purpose than to get a couple laughs. Most all end up having the effect of causing general chaos and confusion to the point that everyday people walking around start to come up with their own theories as to what happened.

Then there always end up being unintended side-effects. Some of course where people start getting ansy and call the cops. But there end up being other situations where a flash mob or other group do something out of the ordinary for a good cause. Such as a flash mob of zombies in order to raise awareness for the need to give blood. Or even a group of friends that will submit themselves to playing the worst game ever created in order to raise money for charity.

So good, bad or indifferent flash mobs and the like seem to be here to stay. I, for one, am for them.



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LifeMINUS sugar – Day 4

Written on December 31, 2008 by

I screwed up today. I consumed a saltine cracker. You may be thinking “I thought this was lifeMINUS sugar, not lifeMINUS delicious salty crackers.” Well that’s exactly what I was thinking. I was at Ringl’s house having some delicious taco soup his wife had cooked up when I grabbed some crackers to go with it. I ate one cracker and thoroughly enjoyed it, popped another one in the soup and then my mouth and Ringl’s wife made a comment about me eating “high fructose corn syrup loaded” crackers. I immediately stopped my chewing and mumbled out “Really?” Ringl and her then explained that they do indeed contain “sugar” and Ringl was banned from having them last week during his lifeMINUS. I then proceeded to the bathroom and spit out the delicious cracker.

But other than that little incident, I attempted to down some coffeeMINUS creamer and sugar; my opinion: disgusting. Watch the video for a little humor.

Food Consumed:

  • Breakfast: none… again. (I need to get some fruit!)
  • Lunch: LaHa’s delicious Fajitas
  • Dinner: Taco Soup and one saltine cracker

– Shaw

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Video On-Demand 001

Written on December 9, 2008 by

Vote for what you want me to make a video of and post tonight. I will not be accepting any submissions that come in after 5:30 PM.

Here are your choices

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Okay! You asked and here it is!

For reference, here is the actual text of the letter. I found the address I sent it to at a Matthew Fox fansite.

Dear Matthew Fox,

May I call you Jack? I am writing to you as a happily married, heterosexual man who simply needs to profess his love to another man.

I really liked your work in the episode “The Long Con.” You know the part where you were going through Sawyer’s stash and he told you not to take the pills with you? And then, do you remember how you walked away with the pills and Sawyer stared at you so intensely that I thought something was about to burst into flame? That was rad.

Anyhow, maybe you could come visit sometime. I’ll grill up some manly steaks (probably rare), and we’ll eat them and talk about how great it is to be men. Then I’ll tell you some hilarious jokes to entertain you while waiting for my wife to bring out the fresh baked chocolate-chip cookies and tall, frosty glasses of milk. Then we’ll spend the rest of the night talking about if you should be with Kate or Juliet. Personally I think they both lost their chance and you should come stay in my guest room. I’ll put the Nintendo 64 in there so that you don’t get bored.

So I heard you were in the new Speed Racer movie as Racer X. I didn’t watch the new movie because I always thought it was dumb that Racer X’s real name was Rex. But don’t worry, if you come over I’ll act like I never even heard you were in Speed Racer and it’ll be fine.

Please shave for the new season,

P.S. – I’m not crazy

Shaw replied on December 10, 2008 at 4:14 pm

I always suspected you were “man crush”-ing on Matthew Fox. You had almost convinced me you liked Lost because of the compelling storytelling.