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Texas Rodeo

Written on February 28, 2009 by
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Everything is done a little differently here in Texas. This week, schools get out early and roads are shut down because of an old fashioned Texas Rodeo.

Did I say roads shut down? Oh yes. It’s a Texas tradition to have a “trail” ride on horseback down some of the busiest roads in Houston, and I got to witness it. Traffic stretches on while horses do their business on the pavement. How picturesque!

Yesterday featured another big event of rodeo week called “Go Texan Day.” Business men swap their suits for jeans and boots, silk ties for bolo ties, and my roommate claims he saw a twenty gallon hat. I think I got away without wearing the full garb since I’m a newbie. Next year, I’d better have some western gear or I might be taken out for an old fashioned hanging!

All of these events are just the beginning. All next week there will be rodoes, country music, and more square dancing than your boots can handle.

Random happenings like this are one of the many reasons that I love living in the fastinatingly weird Texas. I know Texas isn’t alone in these unusual events; what are some of your hometown traditions?


Everything's Bigger Here

Written on January 22, 2009 by

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t been updating lately, that’s because I just moved to Houston, TX. I’ve never considered myself a fan of cowboy boots and big belt buckles, and yet now I find myself a Texan. Progressing from a sparsely populated beach town in Florida to the fourth largest city in the U.S. isn’t a simple move, but I’ve been fortunate enough to not run into any problems yet.

For those who haven’t been to Texas, let me give you something simple to remember when visiting: Texas is the Greatest State. Those are not my words, but ask any true Texan and you’ll quickly find out that Texas is not to be messed with. I’m not yet sure why Texans have such a deep dedication to the Lone Star State, but I would recommend a nod and a smile when hearing how amazing Texas is.

All stereotypes aside, I have been quite surprised to find that the vast majority of people here are not thoroughbred cowboys. In fact, I haven’t seen any large hats yet. I realize Houston is practically its own state, but this is Texas! You would at least expect to find at least one hardcore buckaroo.

Some of you out there have expressed concern that Warptubes will die off due to Ringl and I no longer being in close proximity. Rest assured that this is far from the truth. We hope to have it thrive even in our absense from each other. Things will naturally change, but after the initial adjustment, we will find our rythmn and still provide you quality entertainment.

In the mean time, I’m going to find some good Tex-Mex.

– Shaw

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