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I Can Make Music!

Written on January 31, 2009 by

A quick note: I haven’t been able to actually try out this software myself, but these results are just horrifying and speak for themselves.

How many times have you come up with a great melody with the perfect lyrics, but just can’t make the music to go with it?

Unless you’re Imogen Heap, the answer is probably never.

But luckily for you, Microsoft is here to solve a problem you didn’t have with SongSmith! This software allows you to sing whatever your heart desires, and it’ll magically create karaoke music to go along with it! Don’t believe me? Watch this astoundingly awful infomercial. (Pause the video at 3:15 for a quick laugh)

The best part? “Microsoft, huh? So, it’s pretty easy to use?” The irony just oozes out!

The results produced by Songsmith range from “Acceptable for a impromtu late night karaoke” to “Where are my earplugs?” People on the Interwebs have used this software to ruin such classics as “Tom Sawyer – The Skating Rink Mix” and “Backwoods White Wedding.” Not even Internet Phenomenons like Chocolate Rain and Never Gonna Give You Up are safe. Song after song after song are processed into this terrible excuse for music.

One possibly useful feature is quickly getting the chords to your vocal part, but the music Songsmith makes in its current state is just… yikes. Microsoft’s terrible advertising for it sure doesn’t help.

Perhaps in a few years, software like this could produce some decent music, but I recommend skipping Songsmith for now, unless you feel compelled to create a Warptubes theme song…


I could be mistaken, but isn’t the girls laptop a Macbook Pro? The USB ports are in the right place.


You aren’t mistaken. It does appear to be a Macbook (Pro?) with stickers to cover up the logo. Looks like someone’s using Bootcamp!