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LifeMINUS Sugar – Day 5

Written on January 1, 2009 by

I am just about sick of potatoes and chicken.

As it turns out, most of the easy to get/make food is loaded with sugar except for a few potato products and chicken. Bread, sauce, just about anything with taste is off limits.

The only safe fast foods I’ve found are fries and chicken nuggets, which sucks because I’m ‘forced’ to have fast food often. The only sauceMINUS sugar for coating the nuggets and fries is buffalo, but I can’t enjoy a buffalo chicken sandwich because bread generally has high fructose corn syrup (cheap and horrible sugar).

I’m ready for the week to be over so I can stop worrying about ingredients and just get back to foods I enjoy.

Food Consumed:

  • Breakfast: 3 packs of hashbrowns
  • Lunch: chicken tenders and fries from BK… No sauce
  • Dinner: pizza

My dinner is kinda a grey area. I looked up the exact pizza online at Papa John’s website, but they don’t have any nutritional information about the sugar content of their pizza. I had several other people testify that they didn’t think any sugar would be in there. If there was, it was from the tomato sauce and therefore (hopefully) natural.

Only two more days…

– Shaw

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LifeMINUS sugar – Shaw's First Day

Written on December 28, 2008 by

I’ve been a little unsure about the whole LifeMINUS sugar thing. I couldn’t decide if it was going to be easy or difficult, but last night I realized it may be a bit more of a problem than I’d envisioned.

When I hit my REM cycle yesterday, I began dreaming I was in some normal family scenario: talking to relatives, eating food and the like. I found myself going after the dessert table and grabbing some delicious powdered-sugar-coated puppy chow. Once I realized what I’d just done,  I panicked and quickly spit out the puppy chow. My reaction was so strong that I actually woke up!

Other than invading my dreams, the first day of lifeMINUS sugar has been pretty easy. I had to reject a glass of soda that had already been poured, which wasn’t too difficult, but it did sadden me to see that delicious Coke go to waste.

At lunch I asked my grandmother if her coleslaw had any sugar in it. Coleslaw doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would normally have sugar, but I had to be sure. Nana assured me that she didn’t add any sugar to her coleslaw.

Later in the afternoon I had to give Ringl’s wife (our “impartial” judge) a call to see if I could have some “sugar free” gum, to which she responded with a firm “No” due to the aspartame in the ingredients. My cousin who offered the gum was very understanding, though a bit confused.

The rest of the day I actually ate a heck of a lot better than I normally do:

Day One – Food Consumed:

  • Breakfast: Bar-B-Q sandwich (I don’t know that this was technically breakfast)
  • Lunch: Burger & Coleslaw
  • Dinner: Steak & Shrimp Hibachi, Rice, Vegetables and a Salad

Probably the hardest thing about this week (other than practically cutting myself off from caffeine, having to drink only water and actually needing to look at this nutrition labels) will be explaining to people exactly why I’m curious about sugar content. The best response I’ve given so far is that I’m on a fast.  Should people be more curious, I can give them the whole explanation of lifeMINUS; I’m just not so sure that people will catch on as to WHY we’re subjecting ourselves to this torture.

To which I say to you, “I hope you’re happy…”

– Shaw

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LifeMINUS: The Beginning

Written on December 16, 2008 by


A few posts ago, Ringl left off a spoiler completely ruining the surprise of this amazing segment of WarpTubes that I like to call “LifeMINUS.” Sounds epic, right? Rest assured, it is.

So what in the world is LifeMINUS? This WarpTubes series will be where Ringl and I will go without something for a week and keep you informed of how it goes. Obviously we’re not going to do something stupid like… LifeMINUS Eating, but whatever we go without will be something that will cause a noticeable change in our day to day lives. We will do it in shifts, with one of us taking on the challenge the first week, and then the other on the second week.

We have several ideas for our first LifeMINUS, but we want to leave it up to you, the reader, to influence our venture into uncharted territory. Like with Ringl’s VOD, we’re going to have a poll to allow you to choose.

But before you turn in your ballot, let me explain your choices:

  • LifeMINUS Speeding – Strict obedience to posted speed limits, and traffic laws in general. We would become those people you do NOT want to get behind on your daily commute.
  • LifeMINUS Fast Food – Ringl and I will have to “brown bag” it. No wonderfully convenient and cheap food. If it has a drive-thru, we can’t have it.
  • LifeMINUS Television – That magnificent glowing screen of entertainment must remain in the “off” position, whether for videogames, movies or TV shows.
  • LifeMINUS Sugar – Anything that has the white powdery stuff that we so love is untouchable for a week.

We will be taking votes until Wednesday at midnight and on Thursday Ringl will discuss the rules of our first LifeMINUS and we will reveal how we’re picking who goes first. Everyone clear? Alright, cast your votes!

[poll id=”3″]

– Shaw


Love & Karts

Written on December 4, 2008 by
blog, videogames

A tall friend of mine recently shared a Youtube video with me of a beautiful and eloquent Mario Kart themed love song, which you can find below:

Mario Kart Love Song

When I first saw it, the video had a couple thousand views, but now it’s jumped to nearly 760,000! And for good reason. Not only is the song well written and extremely catchy, but Blinktwice4y has captured something every geeky male has wanted to do since the dawn of obsession: being nerdy AND attracting girls at the same time.

The geek inside every guy dreams of meeting the perfect girl who enjoys the same things and is more than happy with a simple evening of Pizza and playing video games, watching the football game, rolling the D20s in Dungeons & Dragons or whatever your object of affection is. In the end, that’s the kind of girl every guy wants to end up with.

Wait… What were we talking about again? Right… video game based music. Why don’t we see more of it? Sure there are video game cover bands, like minibosses, The OneUps and The Advantage, nerdcore rappers like Optimus Rhyme and mc chris, and a few rare video game inspired tunes like Andy McKee’s Samus’ Stardrive.

But I’m talking an industry here! There’s so much potential as video games become a greater part of our lives. Nearly everyone is a “casual” gamer nowadays, so they can at least relate to the concepts. So if you’re a musician, get out there and write some gaming themed music! I’ll do my part, you help pick up the slack.

Speaking of music, Ringl enlightened me to a little game I had no clue I was winning at (no, not the game which I incidentally just lost at)! The object of this game is to simply avoid hearing the song “Christmas Shoes” this holiday season. So far I’ve been one of the fortunate few to have never (consciously) heard this song. I think that makes me a winner by default.

If you haven’t already lost at this game, then please play along at home. I’ve heard of things getting pretty competitive with some anonymous phone calls being sent with the song blaring.

So join in on the fun and recruit your friends to celebrate in this fantastic Christmas game! Let us know in the comments if you’ve already lost and/or how you plan to get other people “out” as well.


iPod Shuffled

Written on November 27, 2008 by

For Turkey Day 2008, I’m not able to give you sweet turkey markers, but I do have a random anecdote from my week for you.

When I’m at work, I prefer to listen to music to help pass the time. My regular routine is to bring in my iPod, set it to shuffle and turn the volume down to a “background” level in respect for my coworkers.

This week was a little different. As the songs played through, I started noticing some patterns. The first thing that caught my attention was a song playing twice. The album version would play, and then a live version would play right after it. At first, it wasn’t too bad with Emery’s “As Your Voice Fades,” where the live version is not screamed and is actually intelligible. However, once the Five Iron Frenzy came up it became extremely repetitive, since the two versions are practically identical.

All of that was pretty weird, but it kept getting stranger. Shuffle decided it was going to start picking songs with similar titles, which I have never noticed before. The first couple of times, it barely caught my attention but then it just started getting excessive.

Here is the actual songs my iPod chose for me, in order:

  • A Beautiful Collision, David Crowder Band
  • Beautiful Jesus, Kristian Stanfill
  • The Beautiful Letdown, Switchfoot
  • Beautiful Lord, Leeland
  • Beautiful The Blood, Steve Fee

Hm… Notice any similarities there?

I know that the iPod’s shuffle is not completely random; I’ve seen it give preferences to artists, albums and high rated music before. But this… This was something completely new. Could it be that Genius is now influencing the shuffle?

Anyone else had this happen? Perhaps while doing the iPod Challenge?

Ringl replied on November 28, 2008 at 6:19 pm

Hm… Notice any similarities there?

Yeah… all your music sucks


Shaw replied on November 29, 2008 at 8:53 am

That was just a random sampling of my music! I can’t help it shuffle picks badly sometimes. At any rate, I bet all of those tracks can be found on your iPod right now… assuming your iPod would boot up so we could check.


Ringl replied on November 30, 2008 at 5:44 pm



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Whose turn?

Written on November 22, 2008 by

With Warptubes, we’re trying to keep a Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday update schedule, mainly to be different from the standard Monday – Wednesday – Friday schedule. Let’s face it, you don’t have anything to entertain you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we’re going to fill those gaps for you.

This means that we’re going to have to work something out for updates. Ringl started with the first post because I did the design, and I did the second post… but now who does the third? I was under the impression that it was Ringl’s turn again. However it looks like he’s been slacking, imagine that!

Despite his lack of content for today, I’m here to provide you a little something. To help distinguish between Ringl and myself on here, we need some avatars (almost typed aviators, which we do need, but are not what I’m referring to here). Ringl and I had a short discussion about this, and he wanted a unicorn as his avatar. Somehow that conversation devolved into “Unicorn Incorporated” to “Unic Inc” to “Eunuch Inc.” (don’t ask) The conversation eventually ended with just adding horns to random animals, ultimately creating the “Unibear,” depicted below, which we also decided would be a great band name.

The Unibear

The Unibear

Anyway, all this to say that Ringl and I need avatars, and we want your help.

Comment on this post and give us some good ideas for avatars that accurately represent Ringl and I. If you like the unibear, then tell us. Or if you’d rather to add a horn to another animal or can think of something else that works, let us know! This is your time to go down in Warptubes fame as the person who gave Ringl or I our avatars.



Zombocalypse Now!

Written on November 20, 2008 by

I don’t play many videogames anymore.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy games, quite the contrary; games are a great source of joy for me. Lately, there just haven’t been any games that catch my attention. Sure there have been great FPS’s, Strategies, and Adventures that have rocked the industry recently, but none have even created a wake with me.

“Casual” games have certainly kept my interest, with everything from Mario Kart Wii to Rock Band 2. The key element to these is of course the social interaction. I don’t have the time to sit alone completing Final Fantasy VII:3 (or whatever reincarnation of it they’re on), but I’m all for hanging with friends and enjoying in a great game together. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of getting “Blue Shelled” by your (ex-)friend on the last lap right at the finish line (and the subsequent controller throwing) or finally beating Green Grass and High Tides with a little help from your band.

So when a game comes out that allows you to have that sort of fun with friends, sign me up! Throw in zombies, and wow.

Is there a game that dares to be so awesome? Yes, Left 4 Dead dares to be awesome.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead has consumed the past two days of my life, much like the zombies wish to consume me. The basic premise is just surviving the impending zombocalypse with your friend(s).

This is such the perfect idea for a game! Why hasn’t this been done before? There’s 4 player co-op, thousands of zombies, and four scenarios (or “movies”) of zombie attacks. The co-op aspect is just awesome. What’s better than working with your buddies to stop the hordes of zombies from eating you?

Nothing. Nothing is better.

This post has ended up sounding like some terrible IGN review, and unfortunately I’m not even getting paid by the gaming companies (hey-o). Sorry if it seems like a review, but I just wanted to share that bit of joy with all of you. If you’re still not sold on the game, just watch this gameplay clip.


Ringl replied on November 21, 2008 at 8:53 am

I’m right on board with Left 4 Dead being an incredible amount of fun. But it’s got a different dynamic than other games I’ve played.

In the Halo series of games there were several areas that I would go to and know exactly what enemies were there and how many. In L4D that’s not the case.

It uses an artificial intelligence it calls the “Director” that places zombies in different locations every time you play based on how well you’re doing. So when we lose a level and start over everything’s different! And the fact that at any moment you could have zombies coming from somewhere new adds a new level of fear and a truckload of fun.

And when are you going to forgive me for throwing that Mario Kart controller?


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