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What's in Your Pockets?

Written on March 7, 2009 by

The clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the websites we frequent tend to reveal a lot about who we are. In fact, pretty much everything we do drops subtle or not-so-subtle hints about how we live our lives: messy room, messy person; clean room, obsessive compulsive person.

Today I want to cover another revealing aspect of our lives: What’s in Your Pockets? I honestly want to your feedback to hear what you carry around in your pockets, but I’m not expecting you to reveal that personal information without a little something from me.

So, What’s in my pockets?

Front left pocket: iPhone and Wallet.

The iPhone is a pretty standard affair now, so nothing to cover there, but “Wow, wallet in the front pocket?” I know. It’s not that I’m obsessed about pickpocketers, I just decided a long time ago that I hated having a “painful to sit on” wallet hanging out in my back pocket. To rectify this, I used my duck tape skills to make myself a very simple, one pocket wallet. Sure, multiple pockets would be nice, and sure I’d like to carry around every single sliver of paper I own in it, but this simple design keeps it thin enough to stay in my pocket with my phone and helps me keep my wallet down to the bare essentials. Usually “the bare essentials” include my driver’s license, debit cards, $20 cash for emergencies, and an RFID keycard to get into work.


The wallet was extremely simple to make, I just added the stripe to give it a unique design and add a nice little challenge for myself. If there’s enough interest, I may even put together a tutorial on making one.

Front Right Pocket: Keys, thumb drive, multi-tool, a pen and chapstick.

It may seem like a lot to carry, but it’s manageable provided the keys don’t get turned to jab into my leg. The keys are pretty standard keys, but the keyring holds both my thumb drive and my multi-tool.

Thumb Drive

My thumb drive is a Pico 8gb USB Flash Drive, which is not much bigger than my thumbnail, yet holds the same amount as a two burnable DVD’s. This little beauty is built like a tank, and is perfect for keeping in your pocket for impromptu file transfers. I originally purchased it for $50, and currently the price has dropped to $29.99! That price is fantastic even for a normal sized 8gb thumb drive! Well worth the price.


Another product I found through ThinkGeek, the amazingly tiny Utili-key Multi-tool. A Phillips head screw driver, flat head screw driver, eyeglass screwdriver, bottle opener, and a knife with serrated blade all in one tiny little package not much bigger than a key. The multi-tool easily clips to your keyring and blends right in until you need it. It’s a small investment to make at just $9.99, but the feeling of always having the tool you need is priceless.

Pen 1
Pen 2

Another tool I carry around is a collapsible pen. It’s incredibly useful to always have something to write with, and this compact Zebra pen is simply amazing. The form factor is perfect to fit in your pocket, but it extends so you can write with a normal sized pen and not cramp up your hand. Awesome.

The fact that I carry chapstick in my pockets may have stuck out to you. I must confess that I’m absolutely addicted to chapstick. But it has to be good chapstick, not the cheap stuff like the actual Chapstick brand which leaves you feeling worse than before you put it on. The good stuff is Burt’s Bees. I don’t know what all goes into it, or how they give it the minty smell, or why it feels so amazing on your lips. All I know is it’s the only chapstick I’ve found that really works. Everything else always leaves my lips feeling dry after a few minutes. This probably sounds like product placement at it’s worst, but I’m seriously a huge fan of this stuff. If you’ve never tried it, do yourself a favor and get some. Your lips and the people that kiss them will be endlessly thankful. You’re welcome.


There you have it; my soul and pockets laid bare for all to see. Now it’s your turn.

Share your pocket contents (excluding lint) in the comments, or if you have pictures, please send an email over to I’ll make a post with some of the most interesting pocket collections I’m sent, so empty your pockets and grab your camera!