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LifeMINUS sugar: Day two

Written on December 21, 2008 by

I woke up this morning and wasn’t even thinking about sugar.

I’d like to call that a success, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I was still thinking about the Mario Kart game last night. Cassie and I were playing some Mario Kart earlier in the day and when Shaw came over he played with us. That’s when it got weird. Cassie started winning. Now before Cassie and I were married we played video games. Playing Dr. Mario with her is how I decided that I liked her, but she’s never been better than me at games. I’ve almost always been able to beat her without trying. But now when she starts to like a game she gets good at it, to the point that as we approached the finish line on some races all three of us would be standing up and screaming at each other hoping to gain some psychological edge that would guarantee a win over the other two. It was frustrating, but lotsa fun.

So I’m not sure how today’s LifeMINUS will be. I’m about to head to church where I ordinarily only have water. But lunch and after, who knows? Either way check in later to see just how it’s going!

Current song: I’m dreaming of an “it’s slightly chilly and rainy outside” Christmas
Current weight: 198
Current mood: About to be late to church
9:15 am 

Back home after burritos for lunch! I’m thinking I could do pretty well with lifeMINUS sugar if I just have tacos every day! Cassie’s back at the Mario Kart game and I’m starting to thing she’s getting a little obsessed. She double-starred the last grand prix she did.

Current mood: I’ve never liked water
2:30 pm 

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Love & Karts

Written on December 4, 2008 by
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A tall friend of mine recently shared a Youtube video with me of a beautiful and eloquent Mario Kart themed love song, which you can find below:

Mario Kart Love Song

When I first saw it, the video had a couple thousand views, but now it’s jumped to nearly 760,000! And for good reason. Not only is the song well written and extremely catchy, but Blinktwice4y has captured something every geeky male has wanted to do since the dawn of obsession: being nerdy AND attracting girls at the same time.

The geek inside every guy dreams of meeting the perfect girl who enjoys the same things and is more than happy with a simple evening of Pizza and playing video games, watching the football game, rolling the D20s in Dungeons & Dragons or whatever your object of affection is. In the end, that’s the kind of girl every guy wants to end up with.

Wait… What were we talking about again? Right… video game based music. Why don’t we see more of it? Sure there are video game cover bands, like minibosses, The OneUps and The Advantage, nerdcore rappers like Optimus Rhyme and mc chris, and a few rare video game inspired tunes like Andy McKee’s Samus’ Stardrive.

But I’m talking an industry here! There’s so much potential as video games become a greater part of our lives. Nearly everyone is a “casual” gamer nowadays, so they can at least relate to the concepts. So if you’re a musician, get out there and write some gaming themed music! I’ll do my part, you help pick up the slack.

Speaking of music, Ringl enlightened me to a little game I had no clue I was winning at (no, not the game which I incidentally just lost at)! The object of this game is to simply avoid hearing the song “Christmas Shoes” this holiday season. So far I’ve been one of the fortunate few to have never (consciously) heard this song. I think that makes me a winner by default.

If you haven’t already lost at this game, then please play along at home. I’ve heard of things getting pretty competitive with some anonymous phone calls being sent with the song blaring.

So join in on the fun and recruit your friends to celebrate in this fantastic Christmas game! Let us know in the comments if you’ve already lost and/or how you plan to get other people “out” as well.