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LifeMINUS sugar: Day five

Written on December 24, 2008 by

First and foremost: Merry Christmas!

So far LifeMINUS sugar has been pretty good. I’ve been tempted many times in many ways but have abstained from the delicious powdery substance that I enjoy.

I can imagine today and tomorrow will be pretty difficult. I’m pretty upset about not eating sweet potato casserole, but I’ve seen just how much sugar goes into it so there’s no way I could justify it. Along the same line I’m preparing to visit two families and see chocolates, sweet beverages and candy of all sorts passed around like Pabst Blue Ribbon at a Leonard Skynard show. But like the teetotaler that I am, I will resist.

With the new year approaching I’ve been giving consideration to new year’s resolutions. Now I’m ordinarily against making statements advocating self-improvement because I’m happy with myself. In all seriousness there’s not a single thing about myself that I would change because I like who I am. But as I’m looking into the future it’s obvious that things are changing. I’m going to be gaining free time in some places of 2009 and one of my free nights is going to be taken up. All in all though, I’m gaining time.

So what should I do with that? I can think of tons of things I’d like to be able to do. Spending more time with my wife is obviously a plus. Then there are also several hobbies that I just haven’t touched in a while because I’ve been busy.

My best thought is to start a category on here called Hobby shop and tell you about things that I’ve been up to. The best part about that is that there is assured variety. One day you may come to find I’ve posted a video featuring skateboarding, and the next you could find a book or movie review (spoiler free, I promise). Let me know what you think!

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