Man in Snuggie Attempted Burglary

Written on May 15, 2009 by

It’s not just me, this is ridiculous, right?

Cops: Man in Snuggie attempted burglary | Daily Record | Daily Record.



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  1. Russell T  •  May 28, 2009 @9:29 am

    Maybe we should just change the name to seeing how Shaw is no longer a contributor.

  2. Shaw  •  May 28, 2009 @10:41 am

    Except I totally just approved your comment, so consider it a contribution. Booyah!

  3. Chris Farley  •  June 14, 2009 @9:05 am

    welcome to the Chris Farley Show…

    remember that time when warptubes was updated with fresh, new material from shaw?

    yeah, that was awesome…