a momentary lapse

Written on April 7, 2009 by

So there I was reading about how this mass of people was upset about iTunes raising the majority of it’s track pricing and lodging complaints about how they don’t like Amazon mp3. All of a sudden I had a singular thought, “These people are all nerds who have nothing better to do than get worked up over three dimes.” ┬áIt was in that moment that I compiled the following chart:

WANT: Cobra Commander G.I. Joe NEED: to keep other men from finding out about doll collecting habit.

It seems worth mentioning that I am now protesting Shaw. But I’m doing a different kind of protest than I have in the past.

I was refusing to post to put the responsibility of getting content out there on Shaw. Now I will willingly post so that the responsibility of assuring good content falls to Shaw. An evil plan to be sure, but something must be done.



2 Responses

  1. BIL  •  April 7, 2009 @9:43 pm

    warptubes, like the world, needs a hero… and ringl my friend, you just may be that man… (notice i said ‘man’… we all know that women have no time for being heros, what with all the cooking, cleaning, and sexing us up that they have to do)

  2. JD  •  April 21, 2009 @6:32 pm

    so warptubes no longer exists, and I’m forced to remove it from my favorites…

    you had a good run! -JD