LifeMINUS sugar – Day 4

Written on December 31, 2008 by

I screwed up today. I consumed a saltine cracker. You may be thinking “I thought this was lifeMINUS sugar, not lifeMINUS delicious salty crackers.” Well that’s exactly what I was thinking. I was at Ringl’s house having some delicious taco soup his wife had cooked up when I grabbed some crackers to go with it. I ate one cracker and thoroughly enjoyed it, popped another one in the soup and then my mouth and Ringl’s wife made a comment about me eating “high fructose corn syrup loaded” crackers. I immediately stopped my chewing and mumbled out “Really?” Ringl and her then explained that they do indeed contain “sugar” and Ringl was banned from having them last week during his lifeMINUS. I then proceeded to the bathroom and spit out the delicious cracker.

But other than that little incident, I attempted to down some coffeeMINUS creamer and sugar; my opinion: disgusting. Watch the video for a little humor.

Food Consumed:

  • Breakfast: none… again. (I need to get some fruit!)
  • Lunch: LaHa’s delicious Fajitas
  • Dinner: Taco Soup and one saltine cracker

– Shaw

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