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I’ve been a little unsure about the whole LifeMINUS sugar thing. I couldn’t decide if it was going to be easy or difficult, but last night I realized it may be a bit more of a problem than I’d envisioned.

When I hit my REM cycle yesterday, I began dreaming I was in some normal family scenario: talking to relatives, eating food and the like. I found myself going after the dessert table and grabbing some delicious powdered-sugar-coated puppy chow. Once I realized what I’d just done,  I panicked and quickly spit out the puppy chow. My reaction was so strong that I actually woke up!

Other than invading my dreams, the first day of lifeMINUS sugar has been pretty easy. I had to reject a glass of soda that had already been poured, which wasn’t too difficult, but it did sadden me to see that delicious Coke go to waste.

At lunch I asked my grandmother if her coleslaw had any sugar in it. Coleslaw doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would normally have sugar, but I had to be sure. Nana assured me that she didn’t add any sugar to her coleslaw.

Later in the afternoon I had to give Ringl’s wife (our “impartial” judge) a call to see if I could have some “sugar free” gum, to which she responded with a firm “No” due to the aspartame in the ingredients. My cousin who offered the gum was very understanding, though a bit confused.

The rest of the day I actually ate a heck of a lot better than I normally do:

Day One – Food Consumed:

  • Breakfast: Bar-B-Q sandwich (I don’t know that this was technically breakfast)
  • Lunch: Burger & Coleslaw
  • Dinner: Steak & Shrimp Hibachi, Rice, Vegetables and a Salad

Probably the hardest thing about this week (other than practically cutting myself off from caffeine, having to drink only water and actually needing to look at this nutrition labels) will be explaining to people exactly why I’m curious about sugar content. The best response I’ve given so far is that I’m on a fast.  Should people be more curious, I can give them the whole explanation of lifeMINUS; I’m just not so sure that people will catch on as to WHY we’re subjecting ourselves to this torture.

To which I say to you, “I hope you’re happy…”

– Shaw

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