LifeMINUS sugar: Day four

Written on December 23, 2008 by

These workdays right before Christmas are keeping me busy! Yesterday was a successful day of LifeMINUS sugar. But it’s getting a little more difficult. The Christmas-time sweets are a-plenty and finding food that doesn’t contain sugar is getting to be pretty difficult. Last night I grilled a hamburger patty and ate it with hot sauce. This whole thing has been weird.

I’m about to have an orange for breakfast and then I’ll get some coffee to sip on while I work.

Ordinarily I drink my coffee with a bit of creamer and two packets of Splenda. Since I’m living as if sugar doesn’t exist I’ll be drinking that coffee black. And since there’s sugar in the starlight mints I ordinarily have after coffee I will be dealing with coffee breath by staying in my office for the rest of the day.


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