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LifeMINUS sugar: Day one

Written on December 20, 2008 by

I received a text today and it looked a little like this:

From: Shaw
Man… These donuts are delicious! I don’t know that I’ve ever tasted one so good.
10:51 am 12/20/08

So that’s how it’s going to be, huh? Well here’s how it’ll work. I’ll go about my day and share everything I eat and everything that I don’t eat. I’ll then follow each addition with a timestamp so that you can see my progress throughout the day. So keep coming back to see how I’m doing!

So far today I’ve eaten two eggs. And I’ve passed on an energy drink that claims to have no sugar, yet contains sucralose, and toast (because without jelly, what’s the point?). Going strong!
Current mood: “What’s sugar?”
Current weight: 198.0
Current song: Eye of the Tiger
12:20 pm 

Cassie was eating SunChips and they smelled amazing! Planning on jambalya tonight!
3:42 pm

Okay! So day one is almost down! I was thinking this would be pretty difficult. Well… earlier I thought I could hear an ice cream truck… and then I saw a milkshake running around and screaming “Don’t eat me! I contain lactose!” Very weird.

Anyhow, day one of seven is down. Living lifeMINUS sugar is difficult, but more than that is seeing just how many foods have sugar in them. As I look through my cabinets and pantry I’m seeing even the so-called “healthy” foods have sugar of some sort in them.

Current Energy Level: zzzzz
Current song: Summer Lovin’ 


LifeMINUS Sugar: Candyland

Written on December 18, 2008 by

Despite my best efforts, I cannot prove that my wife stuffed the ballot box, so the very first LifeMINUS will be LifeMINUS Sugar.

Now I’ve been researching this, and apparently living without any sugar of any type at all would be somewhat of a poor decision. One of the best explanations I read on how your body handles sugars can be found here.

So the question comes up: Where’s the line? Now I’m sure some will disagree with me, but tough. For the purposes of  LifeMINUS Sugar, there will be no (as in zero, not a chance, not if held at gun point) refined or processed sugar. We will be examining ingredient labels and using common sense to rule out foods that we will be livingMINUS. A list is available that lists several different kinds of sugars that are out. Pretty much anything that ends with “-ose” such as fructose, glucose and my personal favorite: sucrose. Also on the previously mentioned list are sucralose and aspartame, better known as Splenda and Nutrasweet. Now I wanted to allow artificial sweeteners, but really, what fun is LifeMINUS if you don’t go all out? So to be clear… pretty much all that will be allowed are the basic sugars that you would find in and apple or banana. And if there are any disputes, it will be the call of my wife (a harsh judge indeed!).

Speaking of going all out, it wasn’t until last night that I realized that this upcoming week is Christmas. I wanted to back out and reschedule at first. But again, what fun would that be?

Check back in Saturday to see which of us has to go first! And don’t forget to offer us warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts as often as possible!


Also: Would anyone be interested in a t-shirt with the LifeMINUS logo Shaw made on his last post? It could even feature a Unibear on the back. If you would, leave a comment and say so. We’re not making anything if you don’t want it.


LifeMINUS: The Beginning

Written on December 16, 2008 by


A few posts ago, Ringl left off a spoiler completely ruining the surprise of this amazing segment of WarpTubes that I like to call “LifeMINUS.” Sounds epic, right? Rest assured, it is.

So what in the world is LifeMINUS? This WarpTubes series will be where Ringl and I will go without something for a week and keep you informed of how it goes. Obviously we’re not going to do something stupid like… LifeMINUS Eating, but whatever we go without will be something that will cause a noticeable change in our day to day lives. We will do it in shifts, with one of us taking on the challenge the first week, and then the other on the second week.

We have several ideas for our first LifeMINUS, but we want to leave it up to you, the reader, to influence our venture into uncharted territory. Like with Ringl’s VOD, we’re going to have a poll to allow you to choose.

But before you turn in your ballot, let me explain your choices:

  • LifeMINUS Speeding – Strict obedience to posted speed limits, and traffic laws in general. We would become those people you do NOT want to get behind on your daily commute.
  • LifeMINUS Fast Food – Ringl and I will have to “brown bag” it. No wonderfully convenient and cheap food. If it has a drive-thru, we can’t have it.
  • LifeMINUS Television – That magnificent glowing screen of entertainment must remain in the “off” position, whether for videogames, movies or TV shows.
  • LifeMINUS Sugar – Anything that has the white powdery stuff that we so love is untouchable for a week.

We will be taking votes until Wednesday at midnight and on Thursday Ringl will discuss the rules of our first LifeMINUS and we will reveal how we’re picking who goes first. Everyone clear? Alright, cast your votes!

[poll id=”3″]

– Shaw

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